Announcement: Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.1

As you can see we have renamed Stringer Java Obfuscation Toolkit into Stringer Java Obfuscator, and we would like to tell you why and also announce the new version of our obfuscator.

Besides the set of optimizations and fixes, we have new feature in Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.1 - protection from modification and integrity control for your Java programs. It means that if malicious user will change something in your classes the program (modified, illegal) not work at all. And this is our main reason to rename. Now Stringer Java Obfuscator not only encrypts your Strings, but offers you a great features to protect your Java applications entirely.

Classical methods of protection an applications from modification are: digital signature, or convertation of an application into a native code. We, in the new version of our obfuscator, offer you revolutionary approach, which allows automatic integrity control on your Java applications. The main feature here that we control the byte-code inside JVM, so it's virtually impossible to modify the byte-code.

A size of a processed application by Stringer Java Obfuscator in comparison with digital signature method is much less. Besides of protection from modification, Stringer Java Obfuscator allows you to optimize the size and startup time of your applications.

Our obfuscator makes your applications smaller, faster and better protected from reverse engineering!


  • Better integration with Eclipse
  • GUI added (working with JAR files)

We are planning to release the version in a nearest time, and also Android version with the similar features will be available soon!