Price List

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1 computer license,
1 year of support

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Stringer is licensed per seat, i.e. you need a separate license for each developer workstation and build server.

The license is perpetual.

Standard licenses can be purchased by individuals and micro/small businesses (less than 40 employees, including affiliates and parent organizations).

Stringer cannot be used for the benefit of third-parties with standard licenses, i.e. protection of third-parties' software, even if it has been developed by you or your organization. This is considered as renting, which is strictly prohibited by the EULA.

Annual Support

1 year of the technical
support and upgrades *


After clicking the "Extend" button, click "Renew now" link of the license that's support is to be renewed.


The cost of a new Stringer license also includes one year of technical support and upgrades, renewable annually at a fraction of a new license price. Please note the WAR/EAR protection functionality is not provided in the Standard version, we support this in the Enterprise version.

First response time is 24h (business days). Number of support requests is limited to 5 per month.


1 year of enterprise level support,
site license, support for WARs/EARs

Stringer Enterprise

This option includes 1 year of free enhanced support (including support for WARs/EARs) with first answer time 12H (7x365) and unlimited number of requests. Priority problem solving (including contact with third-parties on your behalf).

The license itself is perpetual. Free updates and upgrades (minor and major) for 1 year are also included.

Educational and Non-Commercial Projects

We provide free licenses for non-commercial socially significant projects (subject to additional processing).

To obtain a free license, or if you have any questions about Stringer Java Obfuscator, or about the purchasing process please contact us.

This purchase and product fulfillment are processed by FastSpring, a trusted reseller for Stringer.

End-User License Agreement

By purchasing a license for Stringer Java Obfuscator Standard or Stringer Java Obfuscator Enterprise you are agreeing to the EULA.


Licel reserves the right to decline your support renewal request. Thank you for your understanding. This option is only for the standard version.