Stringer Java Obfuscator

Stringer features

Stringer provides all the features you need to comprehensively protect your Java (including Java 9) applications:

Securely encrypts...

strings and application's resources, including native libraries

Prevents static and dynamic analysis...

conceals method calls, access to fields, and application's inner logic from a cracker/attacker

Injects environment/integrity checks...

preventing a maliciously modified application from functioning and allowing you to receive tamper reports

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Stringer Java Obfuscator 3.0.0
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To fully protect your Android applications you can use our product DexProtector

Stringer is compatible

with applications targeted to work on/as:

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • Java Mobile for Mobile Devices
  • Java Embedded
  • OSGI Frameworks
  • Eclipse RCP Applications
5 Million
end users run apps protected by Stringer

Finally, Stringer Java Obfuscator integrates effortlessly with most popular IDEs and automated build tools.
See documentation for the detailed description of all the functionality and features.

Stringer supports


IDEs and build tools

Latest News

Release Notes
February 22, 2017
We are proud to announce the most significant version of Stringer Java Obfuscator so far. Now Stringer Java Obfuscator offers the new layer of Java application protection, including real-time protection, environment checks, tamper notifications, transport layer protection and secure code execution.
open-source, eclipse plugin
December 6, 2016
We are happy to inform you that the new open-source Stinger Java Obfuscator Eclipse Plugin is out now! New plugin extends the standard Eclipse's export wizards for Java Projects: JAR File Export Wizard and Runnable JAR File Export Wizard. Thanks to that you can use all the Stringer's cutting-edge mechanisms including integrity control of JAR-files and Java classes.
Home Made Licensing
May 17, 2016
We hope you checked out our previous post that tells how you can easily create time-limited trial versions of your Java applications and libraries. The only drawback of that approach is that it is needed to re-protect an application with Stringer in order to extend the working period. And probably, you will not be happy to spend your time doing that, it is better your company's sales managers get in charge of issuing trial versions to customers.