When the software companies release their products, they want to be sure that the reverse engineering of their proprietary applications would not result in the exposure of algorithms and ideas, licensing and security mechanisms, and, of course, their customers' data. As it is a weak place in Java applications, their binaries should be strongly protected against the reverse engineering and modification.

We asked our clients: “What did you find as a result of buying Stringer Java Obfuscator?” and the most popular answer was: “I feel safe, knowing that no one can peep into my code.”

What do our users like most of all in the product, what specific features are the most useful for them? Here are the answers:

  • Ease of integration and (obviously) string encryption
  • Class file filters
  • Code optimization
  • Compatibility in OSGI environment
  • Easy integration with Maven

Besides, our good client from Hong Kong noticed that:

The key feature of Stringer is that it obfuscates string literals in the byte code. Without this protection any other obfuscation isn't worth much. One more benefit is helpful support from Licel.

Another client, from India, says:

No additional library is required for the runtime, flexible configuration to include or exclude any source file for obfuscation.

In addition he gives his impression of the product:

Stringer Java Obfuscator does exactly what it says, without fuss and with a very easy configuration and implementation process. It is robust, quick, efficient and wonderfully simple to use. I find this Product unique in terms of OSGI support. We are delighted with it!

Our good client from Spain says:

Integrating Stringer into my software has been extremely easy. Not a single problem, and everything worked flawlessly. I tried de-compiling my class files, and all strings appear there as encrypted, as expected, so reverse-engineering the software is now much more cumbersome for the casual user.

Our good client from Switzerland gives his impression:

I would absolutely recommend this product. It is not very expensive and easy to use. I like the Licel's dedication to make a good product for its customers!

Of course, there are other Java obfuscation tools on the market. Some of our customers tested several tools and compared them on the basis of their own experience. Let’s see what they say.
Our good client from Hong Kong:

I would recommend Stringer Java Obfuscator to anyone looking for Java obfuscation. Other tools such as Proguard are good, however they do not obfuscate String literals in the code. This is a key protection.

Our good client from Switzerland:

I needed a replacement for RetroGuard. After evaluating several Obfuscators I decided to use Stringer Java Obfuscator. I am completely satisfied with the product. It meets exactly my needs.


By the way, does the Stringer have any drawbacks? Let’s see the comment of one of our clients, from Spain:

I would like to point out a small drawback. Regarding performance, I was expecting some reduction, which is normal due to the extra computing needed to decrypt all strings in the program, but I should say that it was quite noticeable, and it was quickly pointed out by my end-users. Still, the functional benefit clearly outweighs the performance penalty.

You may also face this problem. However, it can be solved by fine tuning of Stringer settings. When the program makes protection of some class using the String Encryption mechanism, all string literals are placed to the pool of constants in the encrypted form. When afterwards the string is called, all its literals are decrypted. This operation is rather expensive (takes much time), that is why we recommend using the String Encryption not for all encountered strings, but only for the most sensitive. You can use annotations and class name filters for the selective protection and creation of dummies — unencrypted copies of stings and resources that are not actually used.

Educational projects

Stringer has a type of license called educational license. Our company can grant such licenses to teachers and scientific advisers who use Stringer for educational purposes – to study and analyze protection mechanisms with students. Such license can be used for protection of the academic/scientific works as well. Also we can grant such licenses to non-commercial organizations for socially important or interesting (in our opinion) projects. The license is free.

Our good client from Spain thanked us for such license:

First of all, let me thank you again for your nice offer, by letting me use your product free of charge in a non-commercial environment. The offer as an educational license is really great, and helps a lot non-professional developers to use it into their products.

Sales statistics

Stringer Java Obfuscator is widely used all over the world. Top countries are the United States (14,33% of sales), United Kingdom (8,17% of sales), South Korea (6,88%), Ukraine (5,73%), New Zealand (5,16%), Australia (4,5%), Germany (4,3%) and Canada (4,1%). The product is used by different companies such as major car vendors and producers of financial software, as well as by individual developers.

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