Check out our session at JavaOne 2015 San Francisco

Our team along with Licel founders Mikhail Dudarev and Ivan Kinash will be talking about Java Bytecode protection with use of the InvokeDynamic Instruction at the greatest Java conference - JavaOne 2015 San Francisco this October.

InvokeDynamic is widely used for programming language implementations based on Java, but there is another very interesting way to use the InvokeDynamic. During our live coding session we will show how to utilize all the abilities the Indy provides. With help of the ASM library and java.lang.invoke, we can protect the internal logic of an application from statistical analysis (access to class fields and method calls).

We are planning to be around from October 25 to October 30. If you want to meet, do not hesitate to drop us an email.

By the way, Early Bird tickets are still available!

We look forward to seeing you at Java One 2015 San Francisco.