jCardSim Project

By buying Stringer Java Obfuscator you are supporting our open source project jCardSim. jCardSim would not exist without you, dear customers!

jCardSim is an open source simulator implements Java Card, v.2.2.1:

  • javacard.framework.*
  • javacard.framework.security.*
  • javacardx.crypto.*

Key Features:

  • Rapid application prototyping
  • Ease of writing Unit-tests (5 lines of code)
    //1. create simulator
    Simulator simulator = new Simulator();
    //2. install applet
    simulator.installApplet(appletAID, HelloWorldApplet.class);
    //3. select applet
    //4. send apdu
    ResponseAPDU response = simulator.transmitCommand(new CommandAPDU(0x01, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00));
    //5. check response
    assertEquals(0x9000, response.getSW());
  • Emulation of Java Card Terminal, ability to use javax.smartcardio
  • APDU scripting (scripts are compatible with apdutool from Java Card Development Kit)
  • Ease of verification tests creation (Common Criteria)