Microsoft Security Essentials vs. Stringer

Dear users, recently we have found that Microsoft Security Essentials detects malware/virus in stringer.jar and in your projects, which are protected by Stringer with using of Resource Encryption function.

The issue connected with the way that Resource Encryption works. The function is using ClassLoader of an application, and Microsoft's anti-virus start thinking that something wrong is going on here.

To check it yourself use the following steps:

1) Download from the main page
2) Its original SHA1( = 3f7857ae613c7fcadb4e5ab363d87aee1b3082dc
3) In the context menu (Windows, Microsoft Security Essentials installed) select Scan with Microsoft Security Essentials
4) MSE will report potential risk

5) A class MSE worry about is correct and original Stringer's class, which is provide Resource Encryption function.

We will release the new version of Stringer on this week with new functions, improved performance and with fix, which is resolving the problem with Microsoft Security Essentials.