Our paper at JavaOne Moscow 2013: jCardSim and Java Card

Dear friends, it is our pleasure to announce you, that our paper about Java Card development and jCardSim has been approved by JavaOne Moscow committee! To learn more about our open source project visit: http://jcardsim.org
We would like to say thank you, our customers, jCardSim exists because of you!

Session is planned to be on 24 of April at 6 pm in Hyderabad hall.

In this session we will tell you about the most widespread and most mysterious of Java technologies - Java Card:

  • Brief history of Java Card
  • Basic standards
  • How is that works?
  • Developer Tools
  • Writing our first real life Java Card application
  • NFC and Java Card
  • jCardSim: real story of real open source project

After session, which will be closing for JavaOne's intensive program, we will talk together in an informal atmosphere, discuss your concerns about Java Card, and also talk about the prospects of our simulator jCardSim.

Hope to see you at JavaOne Moscow 2013!

Registration link: JavaOne Russia 2013