Spring news

Greetings to all Java and Android Developers and happy Spring 2013!

We are glad to report our Spring news:

1) From early March 2013 to the end of the month we have 10% off on Stringer Java Obfuscator

2) We have issued the backport of our Eclipse plugin with support of ADT r20, as many users asked for.

Quick install guide:
- Uninstall Stringer Eclipse Plugin (if already installed)
- Further instructions are here: Eclipse Plugin Manual Installation, use Repository location: https://jfxstore.com/stringer/eclipse/backport
- Restart Eclipse after installing new plugin

3) Using Stringer for Android projects protection becomes even more simple!

And finally thank you so much folks who posted their review at Stringer's page on Eclipse Marketplace

We really appreciate this, and your feedback is very important for us, thanks for your time!