Stringer Java Obfuscator 3.0 Released

We are proud to announce the most significant version of Stringer Java Obfuscator so far.

Key changes in Stringer Java Obfuscator 3.0:

  • Self-defence and monitoring of Java applications in runtime (REALTIME PROTECTION)
  • Reinforced Integrity Control (Application/Environment) mechanisms
  • Secure Code Execution (Enterprise version)
  • Transport Layer Protection for HTTPS - Transparent SSL Pinning / HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP) (Enterprise version)
  • Support for different containers in addition to JARs: Java 9 Modules, OSGI, WARs, EARs, Eclipse RCP (Enterprise version)
  • Watermarking


  • Anti-Emulator
  • Java Code Anti-Debugging


  • Added ability to launch emergency/reporting code if the integrity of a Java application is broken


  • Added mechanisms that allow you to detect if an application is being debugged


  • Added ability to control the necessity of checking a signature’s certificate under a JAR file
  • Added JAR-level integrity control mechanisms


  • The certificate pinning is implemented in accordance with RFC7469 - Public Key Pinning Extension for HTTP standard
  • Reporting Pin Validation Failure mechanism has been implemented

Please see details in our documentation.

Upgrade Information: If you have a license for Stringer Java Obfuscator 1.x/2.x and active support subscription (renew your support subscription), you can receive the upgrade at no additional cost (Standard->Standard, Enterprise->Enterprise). If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to the Enterprise, please request an upgrade quote.

Technical Notes: For the compatibility purpose we support the old configuration file format. But we would recommend switching to the new format as soon as possible, as it gives transparency and ease of use.

Should you have any questions, please email us.