Stringer Java Obfuscator 9 with Official Java 9 Support Released

A new version of Stringer Java Obfuscator that fully supports Java 9 has been released. It also has new protection mechanisms which utilizing features which modern JREs provide.

Key Features

  • Full support for Java 9, including the support for the new version of Java bytecode and the JRE
  • Improved support for IBM's Java Implementation (Enterprise version)
  • New protection mechanisms for WAR/EAR modules, including the encryption of SpingFramework's Beans XML configurations/definitions (Enterprise version)
  • Re-inforced String Encryption mechanism

Compatibility Notes: Applications and libraries protected by Stringer Java Obfuscator 9 will work with Java 7 and higher. If you would like to use Java 6, please contact us.

Upgrade Information: If you have a valid license for Stringer Java Obfuscator and active support subscription (request instructions on how to renew your support subscription), you can receive the upgrade at no additional cost (Standard->Standard, Enterprise->Enterprise). If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to the Enterprise, please request an upgrade quote.