Stringer Java Obfuscator provides all the features you need to comprehensively protect your Java (including Java 8) applications:

  • Securely encrypts strings and application resources
  • Conceals Java API calls and application's inner logic from a cracker/attacker
  • Injects integrity checks that prevent a maliciously modified application from functioning

String Encryption feature also available for Android applications. Unlike many other obfuscators, Stringer only employs safe transformations. It guarantees that the protected application will function as it did before obfuscation.

Stringer is compatible with applications targeted to work on:

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
  • Java Mobile for Mobile Devices
  • Java Embedded
  • OSGI Frameworks
  • Android Platform (String Encryption only)

To fully protect your Android applications you can use our product DexProtector.

Finally, Stringer Java Obfuscator integrates effortlessly with most popular IDEs and automated build tools.

See documentation for the detailed description of all the functionality and features.

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Stringer 1.6.10-20140414

Supported platforms: Java and Android

Supported IDEs and build tools

Stringer Obfuscator supports Eclipse, NetBeans, Apache Ant, Maven


Good news everyone! We have just released the new version of Stringer. There are a lot of improvements in it, and the main one is Java 8 bytecode support. Now Stringer can generate bytecode of specified version. So you can easily convert your program to use Java 7 or Java 8 bytecode format without recompiling. Using Java 7 or 8 bytecode format you can utilize the full power of Integrity Protection made with use of indy instruction, which makes you classes "non-decompilable" with popular Java decompilers. For your convenience we added support for ProGuard's map files, thus you can set original class names in filters.

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